BST – 海上求生(Sea Survival)



基礎安全訓練中,包含至少 8 小時的海上求生訓練模組,涵蓋理論課程及實務操作,確保參訓者了解標準工作安全規範,並熟悉如何應對海上緊急事件。兩年證書有效期過後,需進行BST複訓,以保持證書有效性。

訓練天數: 1天

訓練時數: 8小時

證書效期: 24 個月




Course Content:

The aims of this course are, by theoretical and practical training to give the participants the basic knowledge and skills to act safely and take the correct preventive actions in all aspects of offshore operations from shore to installation vessel or WTG and vice versa, both during normal operation and in an emergency in an offshore wind energy environment.

The certificate is valid up to 24 months from the course completion. In order to keep the certificate valid, BST-Refresher is all what you need.

Training Days: 1 day

Course Hour: 8 hours 

Valid Date: 24 months