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The booking status will not be updated anytime, please confirm your registration by receiving our mail.

If you have confirmed the booking schedule, please fill out the “Online Registration Form”, we will reach you by mail as soon as possible.


Payment Method

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E. Sun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan


Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation Ltd.

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Course Change / Cancel Policy

If you need to change the confirmed registration, please inform TIWTC by email 10 working days before the training start and confirm the change afterwards.

The first time change 10 working days before training start is free, we will charge 20% of handling fee for the second time change. And only return 80% of amount if the cancelled has been proposed.

If the course change has been proposed within 10 working days before training start, we will charge 20% of handling fee, and will not return any payment if the cancelled has been proposed within 10 working days before training start.


Payment Return Policy

Please provide the scanned account document or detail bank account information for us to process the return, normally it will take 10 – 15 working days.