Advanced (Simulator)
This course principally involves simulated DP operations, including planning, errors, faults and failures allowing the participants to apply the lessons learned in both the Induction Course and subsequent DP Sea time days. It also gives a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations, planning and conducting any DP operations.
Emergency Shiphandling
The course has been designed for participants / DPOs who engage in manual ship handling activities in vessels operating in Dynamic Positioning mode. The course will enhance the safety of navigation in confined water and in close quarter to offshore structure to increase the participants / DPO situation awareness, risk assessment and management under different emergency and environmental conditions. It covers the learning objectives, practical assessment, the assessment skills tables and information about continuous assessment.
Induction / Basic
This course provides participants with basic knowledge of Dynamic Positioning (DP), the principles and practical use of DP systems. This course involves both theory and practice on a DP simulator. On successful completion of both the Induction Course and Induction online exam, the trainee DPO will be issued with an NI DP logbook in which the course, DP sea time and the Statement of Suitability are recorded.
Refresher and Competency Refresher
The course is intended for those who have already been issued a DPO Certificate from the NI and required to refresh their knowledge about DP or need to complete DP simulator training because they are on DP vessels 24/7.
Revalidation without Sea-time
This course allows a certified DPO to revalidate without the sea time requirement when taken the course for the first time, or when taken after a subsequent revalidation with 150 DP sea time days.
Sea Time Reduction
The course is an optional element of the DPO training programme and can be done straight after the Simulator Course, but the participant is required to do a minimum of 30 DP sea time days onboard a classed DP vessel and have the Statement of Suitability signed by the Master after the course. A company confirmation letter is also required for verification of that DP sea time. The Sea Time Reduction training cannot be used for upgrading a certificate from Limited to Unlimited.
Vessel Maintainer
This course is designed to provide technical staff with the knowledge required to understand the redundancy concept for DP operations. The course is for technical staff that have a good knowledge of ships systems and therefore only covers the redundancy aspect of on-board systems to ensure safe DP operations.