Basic Safety Training
Basic Safety Training
Basic Safety Training
GWO BST training shall enable participants to support and care for themselves and others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge and skills of first aid, working at heights, manual handling, fire awareness, sea survival and in case of an emergency, to be able to evacuate, rescue and provide appropriate first aid to casualties. The GWO Basic Safety Training is divided into the following 5 modules: First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights and Sea Survival.

Upon completion of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST), participants will possess an awareness of the hazards encountered when working within the wind industry and how to control and mitigate these hazards.

The BST will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment and procedures.

The approved GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) provides participants with important skills, which include fire awareness, first aid, working at heights, and manual handling. To enable participants to work in the offshore environment, an additional GWO Sea Survival Module training shall be completed.

Training Days: 5 days

Time: 9:00-17:00 

Valid Date: 24 months

  • Basic Safety Training (BST) – Offshore course (consisting of 5 modules)
  • Basic Safety Training (BST) – Onshore course (consisting of 4 modules)(without Sea Survival)
  •  The course is mostly practical, supported with necessary theory. Additionally, we provide the participants with training materials in paper form in order to consolidate the information. Individual modules are followed by an exam – a certificate is given after each passed exam and each trainee is logged in to the online system.

BST – First Aid – 8 hours

The aims of this module are to learn to administer safe and effective First Aid in the wind turbine industry/Wind Turbine Generator environment in accordance with GWO First Aid training through theoretical and practical training.

BST – Manual Handling – 4 hours

The aims of this module are to give the participants awareness through theoretical and practical training to encourage positive Manual Handling behavoir and perform Manual Handling activities in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry/environment, in accordance with GWO Manual Handling.

BST – Fire Awareness – 4 hours  

The aims of this module are to gain the required level of understanding and awareness of emergency response  to  fire  incidents  through  theoretical  and  practical  training  in  fire  prevention,  make appropriate judgments when evaluating a fire and to efficiently & effectively extinguish a fire by using basic firefighting media.

BST – Working at Heights – 16 hours  

The aims of this module are to give the participants the necessary basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training to use basic PPE and perform safe work at heights, alongside safe and comprehensive basic rescue from heights in a remote wind turbine environment.

BST – Sea Survival – 8 hours

The aims of this course are, by theoretical and practical training to give the participants the basic knowledge and skills to act safely and take the correct preventive actions in all aspects of offshore operations from shore to installation vessel or WTG and vice versa, both during normal operation and in an emergency in an offshore wind energy environment.