13 Jun 2023
TIWTC & MOLMEC signed the MOU for Dynamic Positioning Training Collaboration

Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter TIWTC) in response to the development of the domestic offshore wind power industry, places the cultivation of wind power talents as its core value and introduces various safety and technical training courses from Global Wind Organisation (GWO). The worth to mentioned is that TIWTC has got the awards for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021, ranking the Top – 1 GWO training provider in Asia Pacific. Also, nominated for GWO awards of " Training Team of The Year" and "Young Achiever", receiving international recognition for the quality and performance of its training services.


As Taiwanese offshore wind power enters the large-scale offshore installation stage, the demand for various types of specialized work vessels and their operating crews is gradually emerging. Among them, the demand for Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) personnel, who operate vessel dynamic positioning systems, is particularly urgent, but there is currently no relevant training provider in Taiwan. Therefore, TIWTC has formed a training partnership with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., one of Japan's three major shipping groups, and its training brand MOLMEC (referred to as MOL).


The goal is to assist 20 Taiwanese crew members to receive international standard NI (Nautical Institute) Dynamic Positioning Operator training at the MOL Dynamic Positioning Training Center, Japan, this year. This will accelerate the acquisition of the Dynamic Positioning Operator certificate by Taiwanese crew members, meet the domestic industry demand, and promote talent localization.


General Manager of Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation Ltd., Vincent Tsai, stated, "Through this collaboration with MOL, we will be able to introduce world-class vessel dynamic positioning operation training courses and incorporate cutting-edge technology and knowledge, providing more opportunities for domestic professional seafarers and nurturing more skilled talents."


Through the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), both parties aim to establish future cooperation and goals in the following aspects:

1. TIWTC will assist Taiwanese seafarers to get the NI-compliant Dynamic Positioning Operator training course at the MOL Dynamic Positioning Training Center, Japan.

2. Assist Taiwanese seafarers in obtaining the NI-compliant Dynamic Positioning System training certification to familiarize them with the operation and knowledge of dynamic positioning systems.

3. Develop the overseas cooperative training relationships to promote future cooperation between Taiwan and Japan in the offshore wind power and maritime-related industries.


Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) allows vessels to maintain their position at designated locations at sea or navigate along predefined routes. It is widely used in submarine cable laying and specialized vessels for offshore wind power generation. In response to the rapid development of offshore wind power in Taiwan, which is now one of the countries with the largest offshore wind power installation capacity in the Asia-Pacific region, the government plans to install more than 1 GW of offshore wind turbines annually from 2024 to 2030. The industry is active, and Dynamic Positioning Operators will become key talents in the domestic industry in the future. TIWTC is committed to cooperating with domestic and foreign industry players to provide comprehensive professional training services, enhance the overall competitiveness of the domestic industry and professional talents. Through this training collaboration with the MOL Group, it is expected that Taiwanese crew members can obtain the DPO professional certification and explore other training collaboration opportunities, promote industry, crew, and international technical exchanges, and create a win-win situation.


TIWTC was established in May 2018, jointly invested by six companies including Taiwan International Ports Co., Ltd, Taiwan Power Company, Cwind Taiwan Co., Ltd., CSBC Corporation Taiwan, China Steel Corporation, Synera Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. TIWTC introduces global standard courses and provides wind power industry training and customized course services, promoting the localization of industry talents. In 2019, the company established a 6,000 square meter wind energy training center in Taichung Port, which includes a 21-meter-high simulated wind turbine training tower and a 6-meter-deep training pool, providing trainees with a realistic offshore wind farm environment experience. In addition to more than 20 GWO training modules, the company deeply understands the needs of industry players, expands customized courses, and provides customized training for developers to enhance the safety awareness of practitioners. The annual training volume has exceeded 500 personnels, the highest in Taiwan. The company will continue to expand its overseas training business in the future, assisting emerging offshore wind power markets in providing comprehensive offshore wind power talent cultivation services and creating a win-win situation.