16 Nov 2023
TIWTC Establishes First Dynamic Positioning (DP) Training Center in Taiwan

TIWTC has entered into a collaboration with the Nautical Institute certified DP training center, International Maritime Service (IMS), successfully introducing the Dynamic Positioning System (DP) standard training modules. This month, TIWTC obtained certification from the Nautical Institute (NI), making it the first DP training center in Taiwan capable of offering NI-certified DP training courses.


TIWTC is now able to conduct NI-certified DP courses in Taiwan, encompassing seven NI-certified DP training modules, including:

  • DP Induction / Basic / Stage 1
  • DP Advanced / Simulator / Stage 3
  • DP Revalidation without Sea-time
  • DP Sea Time Reduction
  • DP Emergency Shiphandling Course
  • DP Refresher and Competency Refresher
  • DP Vessel Maintainer


TIWTC will continue to focus on international standard training courses for wind energy industry for all personnel including technician and seafarers, fostering local talent development to align with international standards and promote the integration of domestic talent with the global industry.