Lift User
Lift User
Lift User
The aim of GWO Lift User Module training is to enable the participant to use a lift in a WTG correctly.
The training will provide the participant knowledge of multiple guiding systems and lift types in WTG.
Furthermore, the participant will learn to perform the necessary pre-use inspections and emergency actions – and when needed take guidance in relevant manuals.

The overall learning objective is that the participants can on their own take responsibility for using a WTG lift correctly and safely and will on their own initiative seek guidance when needed (Ability, basic level).

Training Days: half day

Time: Upon Request

Prerequesite:To enroll Lift User training, participant is requested to obtain valid BST Working at Heights or Onshore Limited Access certifiacte.

Minumum Participants Request: 2 participants

Valid Date: valid permanently

1. Introduction to the training

2. Legislation

3. General use of lifts

4. Inspection of lift prior to use

5. Operation of lift (practical exercises)

6. Evacuation of lift

7. Shutdown after use